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Spider Web Pumpkin

Spider Web Pumpkin

Recently I showed you a few Halloween cakes that I was considering for Miss Ruby's birthday.  I really loved this spider web cake that was made by Carrie of The Cake Blog.

When Michaels contacted me about participating in #TrickYourPumpkin, I knew this cake would be my inspiration.  I headed to Michaels and picked up a white craft pumpkin, a bottle of white Apple Barrel craft pumpkin,  some fun glitter spiders.   I put the paint in a squeeze bottle and my 6-year-old daughter helped me fling it all over the pumpkin.  If you are looking for a fun Halloween craft for kids, just let them fling some paint over a pumpkin!  It is a good time!

We waited for it to dry and then attached the fun glitter spider with some super glue.

I also pulled out our chalkboard pumpkins that we made a few years ago by painting craft pumpkins with chalkboard paint.  We used some chalkboard markers I picked up at Michaels to do some Halloween doodling.  Doodling with chalkboard markers is so much easier (and more fun) than doodling with actual chalk!

My older daughter joined in.  I love how her Halloween pumpkin turned out!

You can join in on the fun and enter to win a $250 Michaels gift card.  Just uploade a picture of your Halloween craft pumpkin to Instagram with the hashtags #TrickYourPumpkin AND
#sweepstakes for a chance to win the gift card plus Plaid products.

I can't wait to see your #TrickYourPumpkin entries!! 

Michael's provided me with the materials to create my pumpkins.  No other compensation was provided for this post.

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