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Playroom Table [Chalkboard]

DIY Chalkboard Play Table from I Heart Organizing

When my oldest boy was little we didn't have the money or the space for a fancy train table.  When we finally had both, he had outgrown the stage where it would have been worth buying.  I honestly didn't think we would have another boy, but now that we do I have been thinking about a fun train table for our playroom.   Or at least I was until I saw this fun playroom chalkboard table.  Instead of a table that is only good for trains, this one can be used for  trains, cars, planes, Legos, and drawing (which the girls would love too)!


You can find out how to make a DIY chalkboard play table over at I Heart Organizing.


Unknown said...

how cute!
what a great idea :)

xo - heather
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Unknown said...

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