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[Huggies] The Best Advice My Pediatrician Ever Gave Me

I have talked about our pediatrician, Dr. K, before in a previous post. I was lucky to find a doctor that I loved early on in my parenting and we stayed with her until 1,000 miles made it a little impractical to do so any longer. One of the many things I loved about Dr. K, besides the fact that she was a great doctor, was that she was also a mother. We were even pregnant at the same time with our girls. Being a mom, she understood firsthand the worries and fears that you can have when you bring home a new baby and always did a wonderful job of encouraging her patients to listen to their instincts. She would always ask how you felt and what you thought about a situation before making her recommendation. She never just barked out orders or shared her openings without first taking the parents perspective into account. And as both a parent of young children and a doctor, she gave great advice.

This week we brought home baby number four. Even though Dr. K is no longer my pediatrician, I will still be following all of the advice that she gave me.

Moms know their babies better than anyone. Dr. K was first and foremost an advocate for parents to follow their instincts. She never ignored or tried to override my thoughts and feelings and she really, truly believed that as the primary caregiver, I knew my baby best. My opinion wasn't just valid, but an important piece of information in helping her do her job to the best of her ability.

Don't ever worry about taking your kids into the pediatrician's office. Sometimes as a new parent you second guess when you should see the doctor. Dr. K always wanted you to feel comfortable bringing your kids in without worrying if the trip was necessary. She was always happy to reassure you that everything was fine. So when in doubt, she would encourage you to bring them, even if just for peace of mind.

Take care of yourself! Dr. K, like most doctors and hopefully parents, knew that one of the most important factors for a happy and healthy baby was a happy and healthy mom.

And probably the most important advice for a new mom, you can never spoil a newborn baby. The more holding and feeding and cuddling and talking and interacting the better. Do what you feel comfortable with, but don't ever worry about spoiling them with love. I am always so thankful to have had an encouraging pediatrician. I have heard opposite stories from friends and family members and they make me sad.

Do you love your pediatrician? What is the best advice he or she has ever given you?

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Many congratulations on baby number 4. And aren't you lucky to have found such a good doctor when you needed her most.
best, nadia

Amanda said...

Your "Dr. K" would happen to be our Dr. K, too, would it? We all adore our pediatrician, Dr. Kendall, and still travel 30+ minutes to see her after we moved.
Your description of your Dr. K sounds just like ours!