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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

DIY Monsters Inc Costume from The Dragons Fairy Tale

With a little one on the way, I have been looking at some fun baby Halloween costume ideas.  If he doesn't hurry up, he might miss the holiday all together!

The Dragon's Fairy Tale made this cute Mike Wazowski costume (there is a cute Sully costume too) that is a fun an easy way to dress up a little guy and still be able to snap him in a car seat.

PBS has a fun collection of snapsuit baby costumes that include a cute witch, a Sasquatch,  and this hilarious strong man baby costume:

Last Halloween a cute couple we go to church with dressed up like robbers with a bag of cash like this fun family costume idea from Fun, Cheap or Free.

And one of my absolute favorites for this year, a great costume if you are planning to go out trick or treating with older kids and are carrying your baby along for the trip, is this popcorn vendor and baby bag of popcorn costume that turns a baby carrier into a costume.  You can check out how to make it over at This Place Is Now A Home.


Stefani said...

The Mike Wazowski costume is adorable!! Our daughter was a pumpkin last year...not nearly as creative, but this year we're pulling out all the shots. :-)

Minnie Kitchen said...

This is so cute! Probably because he's smiling like mike!

Debra Kapellakis said...

One costume is cuter than the other!

Kath said...

thank you so much for featuring my mike wazowski costume! :)