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[Huggies] Coming Home From the Hospital

I am in what I like to call baby denial. We are in the single digits as far as weeks left are concerned and I have nothing ready. There is no crib or swing, no bottles or burp rags to be found anywhere in the house. I did finally break down and buy a pack of diapers, but only because there was a Halloween onesie I wanted to buy. I figured they balanced each other out. So now we have a package of Huggies and a onesie. Okay, two Halloween onesies.

Really, after three other kids, I know there isn't much I really need the first few weeks to survive. But the one thing that is on the top of the must have list is a car seat. They won't let you leave the hospital with your newborn unless you have one.

Installing the base of your car seat can be tricky too, so I need to make sure to pick one up in time to have it installed before we head to the hospital. I really don't want to be wrestling with the base of a car seat in the parking lot of the hospital, especially after just giving birth!

I used to be pretty good at installing them, but with the 5 year gap between kids, I am afraid I might be a little out of practice. Luckily I am pretty close to a Child Car Seat Inspection Location, so I can have the car seat inspected by a trained and certified child safety seat technician. You know, after I actually buy a car seat! If you would like to have your car seat installation looked at by a trained technician, you can see if there is a location close to you at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

The extra time reading the installation manual and having my personal installation job inspected is worth the peace of mind of knowing that the new little guy will be safe on his first car ride home from the hospital and every ride after that!  Of course, I am pretty sure we will make it home safely from the hospital since my husband tends to drive 5 miles an hour with a newborn baby in the car.

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Bliss said...

Ah ha ha ha, that's a funny onesie. I'd like to have a couple made in adult size t-shirts, although not near as cute as on a baby.