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DIY Vintage Book Notebooks

DIY Vintage Book Notebooks from My So Called Crafty Life

After we moved I spent some time going through all of the books on the girls bookshelf.  I probably should have done that BEFORE we moved, but you know how it is.  I found a couple of duplicates of Golden Books that I took out and put in the Goodwill pile, but now I am tempted to take them out and use them to make these fun DIY Vintage Book Notebooks.  I know the girls would love them, and with the rings you can easily refill them once they have used up all of the paper.  Plus with the hard back, they are great for on the go.  I can use them for long car trips or even toss them in our church bag.

If you feel bad about tearing apart a perfectly good book, I bet you can find some at a garage sale where the kids have already done the honors for you and either ripped or colored on the pages!!  Then it becomes a repurposing project instead of a book murder.

You can check out how to turn your vintage books into DIY vintage notebooks over at My So Called Crafty Life.


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