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DIY Stenciled Animal Mugs

Stenciled Animal Mugs from Country Living

I fell like The Pioneer Woman needs a set of these stenciled animal mugs for her house.  I am not even a huge fan of farm animals, but feel like I need a set of these for my kitchen too.  I am thinking maybe something other than farm animals?  Not sure what though...

I love the mismatched white mugs too.  You know how I feel about mismatched!!

You can check out how to make these DIY stenciled animal mugs over at Country Living.


Erika said...

The mug looks fantastic, and it helps people living in city with nostalgy of their farms, at least it is the effect it has on me. Really nice, I like them and will try it. Thanks for sharing.

Debra Kapellakis said...

I like the simplicity of these.

katilda said...

ok...OK. just found your blog, and i am bent on making a stenciled mug for myself! i had a pet pig once. i probably need a pig mug. also, mismatched everything? theme of my decorating life! i am so pleased you agree.