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Brushed Rainbow Cookie Tutorial

Brushed Rainbow Cookie Tutorial from Lizy B

Miss Ruby's birthday is on Halloween.  So guess what theme her birthday takes every year?  I have a black cake plate that I use just for her birthday.  But the day after she turned 4 she started talking about how her next birthday would be a rainbow birthday.  7 months later she is still talking about it.  Although I am not one to plan this far ahead, a new baby will be joining our family right before her 5th birthday, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to keep track of a few more rainbow ideas.  Maybe is we practice making these brushed rainbow cookies this summer, her older sister will get good enough to decorate them for the party by herself.  She is about a hundred times more talented than I am with a paint brush, so it might just work.

If you want to check out how to make these beautiful brushed rainbow cookies, you can see the tutorial over at Lizy B.


Debra Kapellakis said...

Oh my but those are gorgeous. ALMOST!, too pretty to eat. lol

Unknown said...

;)! Hope she likes them!!