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DIY Pixie Sticks [Healthy Pixie Sticks]

Homemade Pixie Sticks from Edible Details

Who didn't love pixie sticks as a kid?  A colorful tube full of colorful sugar.  What wasn't to love.  As a parent the idea of letting my kids eat them makes me cringe a little and I am far from a health freak.  But I absolutely love the idea behind these homemade pixie sticks.  That colorful powder is actually freeze dried fruit.  They are just as colorful and just as fun, but with a lot less cringing from parents.

You can see all the details on how to make your own pixie sticks over at Shindig Parties To Go.

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Amanda's Parties TO GO said...

Thank you, Lorie! Brittany will be so excited her great idea is being featured!