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BlogHer Inspiration to Fitness [Week 1]

I don't like to run. You would probably take one look at me and not be surprised by that statement.  I don't look like a runner.  And even when I read inspirational stories about people that didn't like to run who are now training for their first marathon, I still don't think I will ever love being a runner.  26.2 miles does not appeal to me.

What does appeal to me is this picture.

That is my father-in-law, my husband, and my son. This was taken a few years ago at Pat's Run in Tempe. It was the boys first race. These three guys love to run.  Now, the older two can go run by themselves all they want, but the boy in the middle, who is now ten, still needs a running buddy.  And his mom has a need to spend as much time with him before he becomes a teenager and starts locking himself in his room and stops kissing her goodbye when he gets out of the car at school. Before he takes off to go running all by himself.

They just grow up too fast.

So when the opportunity to take part in BlogHers Inspiration to Fitness came up, I knew that I was going to choose to train to run a 5K. Not just because I need to improve my health in 2012 and definitely not because I actually want to run a 5K race, but because my son is going into middle school next year and hopefully this will be one thing we can do together when all he really wants to do is hang out with his friends.

I know the kid can already out run me, so at this point I am just trying to catch up to him.  Luckily I have a good playlist and Ashely's plan to run me through the steps.  Her schedule has me running three times a week with two strength training sessions thrown in for good measure.  The strength training includes words like air squats, lunges, and planks that make me look forward to the days I just have to run.  And who knows, in 6 weeks maybe I will have my own inspirational story about how I grew to love running.  For now we will take it one step at a time. And this is step one.

I am taking part in BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness.  As part of the program I will be sharing a weekly journal post with you, reviewing some fun health and fitness related items, and giving some goodies away too.  You can roll over the Best Buy image at the top of my blog to view a calendar of all the Inspiration to Fitness content.
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