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Chocolate Drizzles

Chocolate Drizzles from Delia Creates

I am deathly afraid of melted sugar, which eliminates a ton of fun ways to dress up desserts, but Delia just uses melted chocolate and no one should ever be afraid of melted chocolate.  She uses it to create these fun chocolate drizzles that are just right for decorating your favorite ice cream or even a cake.

And of course with Valentine's Day around the corner the chocolate heart drizzles will come in handy.

You can check out how to make chocolate drizzles over at Delia Creates.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Thanks! I think I'll have to try this.

Rebecca Scott (aka Otter) said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's a great idea and the original poster can use more love for this!

Delia said...

Thanks for the feature! :)