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Winter Class Party Ideas [Snowman Relay]

Snowman Relay from Huie Elementary School

I saw these images for snowman relay over at Room Mom 101.  I actually first thought they were bowling with snowballs.

I now can't decide if we will be attempting a snowman releay or bowling down snowmen in Lou's class next week.  I think bowling might be a little safer if we have to stay indoors.

You can see more pictures of the snowman relay over on the Huie Elementary School website.


Home Confetti said...

That's a fun idea! We've already planned to do "Pin the Nose on Rudolph" and "Snowball Relay"--twist on the old egg relay race.

Catherine Peart said...

I don't understand what exactly this is. What is the relay part? The photos didn't really explain it to me. Someone please explain?

The Hopkins County Couponer said...

how fun! we rarely get enough snow to build snowmen, but i love the idea of a relay race! i bet you could build a "faux" snowman out of white trash bags filled w/ shredded paper or something, and it would work just as well! what a great taking turns activity, as well!

The Hopkins County Couponer said...

catherine, the relay part would be the kids running and placing the scarf or carrot onto the snowman, after they add their item, they would run back to their team and "tag" the next player to add his/her item. the team who dresses their snowman the fastest wins! not sure if building the snowman is part of the race, but it kind of reminds me of survior!