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Top 10 Posts of 2011

Before 2011 gets too far away from us, I thought I would share the top 10 most viewed posts from last year.

Number 10 is something I don't post very often.  Hair Tutorials.  But everyone seemed to love this cute up do from It's The Small Things.

And the trend continued with number 9,  Fun Summer Hairstyles from My Yellow Sandbox.  I think I need to start posting about hair more!!

Holidays are always big around here, so it was no surprise that number 8 was a fun roundup of 4th of July Breakfast ideas.

Number 7 was this cute printable Snowman Candybar Wrapper.  There is still time to use this one before the weather warms up.

Number 6 was actually a post from 2010 that was revisited.  New Years Eve Brunch.  So even more than hair, I guess you guys like breakfast.  Me too!

Number 5 was a roundup of fun Thanksgiving printables for kids.  Holidays + printables always equals a good round up.

Number 4 is a project that I want to make to hang over my daughters art desk.  Melted Crayon Art.  There were four different art project ideas using melted crayons.  The most popular of which was probably this canvas from JC Create.

Number 3 will make my sister very happy!  It was a post where I featured Toy Story Birthday Cakes, hers being one of them.

Number 2 was Bacon Mancakes. (this one was Stumbled by someone with a LOT of followers).  Again proving that breakfast is king.

And the number 1 most popular post from 2011....

Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

I can't say I am surprised.  I won't tell you how many stores I went to looking for the Angry Birds board game this Christmas.  Those grouchy little birds are popular in all forms.

So there you have the Top 10 viewed posts from 2011.  Thanks to all of the great bloggers that come up with such amazing tutorials and thank you all for stopping buy to check them all out.

Here is to 2012 and the thousands of great ideas to come.


Pams Party said...

I am not surprised about your #1. 3 of my top 10 posts of the year were also Angry Bird Idea posts.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

Thanks for sharing your finds with us last year. I have a lot of projects on my someday list as a result. Looking forward to seeing what you'll be sharing with us this year!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Your melted crayon art post, inspired this project (, which I didn't think was all that amazing...but it become one of my top visited posts ever...even though we only did it a few months ago.