Snowman Candy Bar Wrapper [Christmas Printable]

Printable Snowman Candy Bar Wrappers from Laurie Furnell

Last Christmas my kids made snowman and Santa candy bars as gifts for their cousins.  They used Martha's tutorial to make them.

They are easy to make and a fun Christmas craft for the kids.  But if you want to make a large number of them you can also use this fun free printable from Laurie Furnell  to create these snowman candy bar gifts.

It looks like the page is no longer available, but the snowman candybar printable can be found HERE.


Gisela said...

Ha. So cute!

Mynnette said...

Thanks so much! These are darling!!!

CarlynnT said...

The Snowman printable is not on Laurie Furnell's site anymore. I Can't find another one. :-(

Marie Minton said...

I found it here:


Lorie said...

Thanks Marie!