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Oreo Pudding Cookies [Cookie Recipe]

Oreo Pudding Cookies from The Girl Who Ate Everything

For a while now vanilla pudding chocolate chip cookies were the only chocolate chip cookies I would make.  They are perfectly soft when they come out of the over and they stay that way for as long as you have them around, which typically isn't very long because they are delicious.

Yesterday a friend brought me some cookies.  Really, really, really good cookies.  And they were perfectly soft, so I knew there had to be pudding in them.  Either that or my friend was magic.  (Which is possible).  But I asked her (after eating two or three of them) if I could have the recipe and she directed me to The Girl Who Ate Everything.  These magical cookies are her Oreo Pudding Cookies.

No wonder they were so good.  The soft homemade goodness of a pudding cookie and the magical store bought goodness of an Oreo.  She uses Hershey cookie and cream candy bars in them too, but I might try a batch without them and see how it goes.

You can get the Oreo Pudding Cookie recipe over at The Girl Who Ate Everything.


Amie said...

Oh my lands!!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

If you are interested, I have a recipe for Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies which are a soft, cakelike cookie and delicious. Just let me know if you'd like the recipe.