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Scary Halloween Food

Puff Pastry Intestines from Knead for Speed

If you have an older crowd for Halloween dinner and you want to come up with a meal that is disgusting to look at but delicious to eat, I thought I would dip up some gory, gruesome, and creepy Halloween recipes for you.  Top of the list would be puff pastry intestines from Knead for Speed.  You know they have to be delicious!  It is puff pastry!  But eww!  Just eww!

My favorite from last year is this meatloaf hand from Not Martha.  Tell me the onion bone sticking out of the end doesn't creep you out!  But the recipe looks delicious if you can get anyone to eat it!

If you are jello eaters, this peach jello brain (with a little grenadine) will make a great side.

And if you don't like jello than your Halloween cerebrum could always be made from a shrimp cocktail like this one from Better Homes and Gardens.

And Make Projects has a tutorial for this meat face.  I don't know how else to describe it other than a gory meat face.

I think for now I will stick with the lighter, funner side of Halloween, but if you are looking for something scary, these Halloween dishes should do it.

I almost forgot the drink.  Eyeball punch of course.


Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} said...

Those are all great halloween food dishes.... I however don't know if I could eat them ;)

Mom Daughter Style said...

those are really creepy!

Lorie said...

Me either Erin!!