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Halloween Lunch Box

Ruby's Halloween Lunch

Happy Halloween!!  I hope you had a great weekend and that you have a lot of fun plans for the day. I will be spending the first part of my day at preschool watching the kiddos march around in their costumes, and eating a Halloween lunch with the birthday girl.

I wish I would have seen this cute Halloween banana idea from Family Chic before I packed her lunch today.

I couldn't figure out what to do with her fruit, so I just used Halloween stickers on the a bag of grapes.  I should have put the stickers on a banana.

Did anyone get a fun Halloween lunch in your house today?


Unknown said...

it's really cute :) at first, i thought "why is there a sombrero". I soon realized it was obviously a witches hat! Happy Halloween :)

Amie said...

cute cute cute!

Lorie said...

Jamie, it totally does look like a sombrero.. especially when it is made out of a tortilla! But yes, it is a witch hat! ;D

Lorie said...

THanks Amie!

CaryManda said...

Oh my adorable! my kids would have loved this! Maybe I can try something similar for dinner?
You are for shizzle the coolest. :)