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Candy Covered Candy Corn Popcorn

Almond Bark Candy Corn Popcorn

A couple of years ago we gave out some candy coated popcorn that was a huge hit with our neighbors.  It was so easy to make that they were all surprised to find out that it had two ingredients.  Microwave buttered popcorn and vanilla almond bark.  We tossed in some red and green M&Ms to brighten it up, and Lauren has a great tutorial on how to make easy almond bark popcorn and she threw in some candy corn to dress it up for Halloween.

You can get the almond bark candy corn popcorn recipe over at Lauren Inspired.

It also might be fun to combine it with the candy corn popcorn idea from Cookies and Cups.  You could use candy melts in candy corn colors instead of just almond bark and create candy covered candy colored candy corn popcorn.  Now THAT is a mouth full!

But be warned, don't try to just add regular food coloring to almond bark.  It will not go well.  If you want to color almond bark you have to use paste or powdered coloring.  Anything water or oil base will do weird things to the almond bark.  I know from experience.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try this! It sounds too delicous to be this simple!! Thank you!