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Popcorn Treats for the Holiday...Or Any Time

I love popcorn. And it is a pretty inexpensive treat to make around the holidays and you can fancy it up about a bazillion different ways!

The quickest way to make a lot of these is just with microwave popcorn, but if you haven't popped your own corn in a while (or ever) then you HAVE to give it a try. If you want it to be extra yummy, pick up some coconut oil the next time you are at the store!!

Or try one of these:

Carmel Crunch from Good Housekeeping is a mix of popcorn, dry-roasted peanuts, and sugars. Yum Yum and Yum.

Dana fro Dana's Dabbling Studio drizzles chocolate over toffee popcorn and then packages it in decorated frosted tin tie bags. has a ton of recipes for different popcorn balls.

My favorite recipe actually came from a friend without a blog and it was a HUGE hit last year! Pop a bag of buttered microwave popcorn, sift out all the unpopped kernels and put it in a bowl. Melt two or three cubes of vanilla almond bark(the candy coating you can buy at the grocery store next to the chocolate chips) and pour it over the popcorn. Mix it up, lay it out on parchment or wax paper to cool, then brake it up and put it into bags or tins to give away!

I just stick it in regular clear Ziploc bags and bust out some strips of my Christmas scrapbook paper to Staple over the top.

What is your favorite popcorn treat?
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