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New Uses For Old Things - Bathroom Edition

New Uses for Old Things in The Bathroom from Real Simple

New Uses For Old Things is a column in Real Simple magazine.  It is actually the reason I first subscribed to the magazine.  I love all the handy tips.

The dryer sheet tip from yesterday is one of their bathroom tips.  Here are a couple more I thought were handy! (Like using a pant hanger as a drying rag for your bath mat!!)

If you are short on storage space, install a window box on the inside of your bathroom window for hand towels.

If your medicine cabinet is magnetic, use a plain magnet as a place to store your tweezers.

Instead of tossing your old sunscreen, use it as shaving cream.

And the last one, using a saucer as a soap dish.  Think of all the unique saucers you can find at the thrift store that are $10 cheaper than an actual soap dish!

And if you are in a hotel and forgot your shaving cream, lotion or conditioner will work too!)

You can check out all the bathroom tips HERE.


Unknown said...

re-purposing the sunscreen was my favorite...glad i clicked on this on twitter!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Love the column and the post. Great ideas.

Classy Clutter said...

I love the tweezer idea! I have magnets and I'm ALWAYS losing my tweezers!! Thanks for this post!!

xoxo, Mallory

Hector said...

I use hair conditioner as shaving cream. I put it on fifteen minutes before I shower and shave right after the shower. Best shave ever.