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Melted Crayon Art Projects

Melted Crayon Art from JK Create

Melted crayon canvases are popping up all over the place.  This beautiful one from JK Create is the first one I remember seeing pinned on Pinterest.  You should check out all of the amazing pieces she sells on Etsy.

So it got me thinking about what other ways you could use melted crayons for art projects, since you wouldn't need the help of a blow dryer or oven to melt them here right now.

Here are some fun ideas I found.

Sam's Scrap Candy created a melted crayon canvas of her own, but added a personal touch with hand prints:

If your artists are younger, you can leave some crayons that they have arranged on canvas out in the sun like this art project from Clumsy Crafter:

If the artist is older, you can let them melt crayons over a candle like Ideals to Life:

And last, but not least (actually one of my favorites) is this melted crayon Impressionist style piece from  Everything Burger:

Happy Melting!


Annika said...

I've seen this a few times on pinterest but never noticed it was from an etsy shop! Wow! I love all the different color inspirations she uses and now Im just itching to make a peacock colored version of this.

A Sweet Release

Janiece said...

Funny, I just did a blog about doing crayon art!!
These ideas are so darn cute too!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Ooohh...great post. Opens up some totally new possibilities for me. Can't wait to try this! Thanks!

custom business cards said...

This is incredible! It is different from the one that I saw. This one looks much easier. I think I can now try this. That burger looks yummy huh?

Anonymous said...

its funny you post this, i just posted a melted crayon project on my blog. pop a rock in the oven to warm and melt crayons on it. the kids loved it and it made fun yard decorations that stand up to the elements pretty well :)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Lori, just wanted to let you know this post inspired this project that I just posted about on my blog today. Thanks for the inspiration!