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DIY Ladybug Halloween Costume

Easy DIY Halloween costume from Taste of Home

Rachel is dressing her little girls as ladybugs this Halloween and asked for some suggestions on Twitter.  Here are some of the ideas I would use for inspiration for a DIY ladybug costume.

Taste of Home has a template and tutorial for an easy lady bug costume.  The wings are a great starting place, and so are their antenna. 

They use chenille stems (pipe cleaners), like these from Victoria Elizabeth QOC (who sells a DIY lady bug antanea kit) but I love the addition of the fuzzy pom pom and the clip (which might work better for younger lady bugs).

If you want a sheer wing, my favorite tutorial is from Martha and if you are looking to buy a cute set, Bugs and Blooms has my favorite.  I love the flower in the middle.

If you know there is no way that your little one will keep a pair of antennae in their hair, you could to with these cute ribbon clips.  The tutorial is over at

And the ladybug is all about the cute tutu.  Dee Dee & Me sold this beauty last year for Halloween. Hopefully she will list more on her site this year.  I love how she layered the red over the black and then added felt polkadots.

TeiraandTeagan used black buttons for the dots that she hot glued on to the tulle, but I think giant sequins would be fun.

And although I just use a piece of elastic whenever I make my tule tutus,  My Frugal Family has a great tutorial for this gorgeous waistband.

Of course, you could go a little less traditional and skip the dots.  You could use bows like How To Make Tutus:

Or red and black stripes like All About Tots:

Some black tights and a few more polkadots and you should have yourself a super cute lady bug costume.

If your little one has been a ladybug before and you have a great post about it, please add a link to the comments or shoot me an email and I will add it to this post!

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Rachel Mohr said...

Thank you so much for all of the great ideas!!
You are the greatest!!