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Sandwich on a Stick

Sandwich on a Stick from Family Fun

These fun sandwich kabobs from Family Fun would be cute for a party (like our last picnic) or a really fun way to switch things up in the lunch box.

Lunch on a stick opens up a lot of possibilities, as long as your child is old enough not to use the stick to poke his friend's eye out after he is finished eating.


Stephanie said...

So cute! Love it! I like making fruit shishkabobs for my first graders. You could do an entire "lunch on a stick" theme!

Lorie said...

Stephanie, I agree! You could have an entire lunch on a stick that would be really fun.

Anonymous said...

I make my kids fruit on a stick using coffee stir sticks - a little safer than a sharp skewer!

Moore Minutes said...

I did sandwiches on a stick and an entire dinner on sticks...even the potatoes! :)