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DIY Pendant LIghting from Ikea Pots

Skurar Pendant Lights from Ikea Hackers

When you are lucky enough to live as close to an Ikea as I do, you often get the itch to just go browse the aisles.  Anyone that has ever stepped foot in an Ikea knows that browsing along eats up a couple of hours.  The place is worse than Costco.

The urge to browse through Ikea is only multiplied if you read the blog Ikea Hackers.  They take already great stuff from Ikea, like these Skurar Plant Pots (that are only $2.99 by the way)

and turn them into even better stuff, like these pendant lights.

You can check out these DIY pendant lights over on Ikea Hacker and read more about them (with the help of a Google translate) over on Erik Maki's blog.

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