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Air Mail Curtain [Letter To Santa]

Air Mail Curtain from The Secret Pie Shoppe

When I saw this fun air mail curtain from The Secret Pie Shoppe over on C.R.A.F.T. I immediately thought of Christmas (even though it is August!)

My mother-in-law has a long standing family tradition of hiding the room that holds the tree (and the presents) on Christmas morning until breakfast is served.  The room is hidden by a random sheet that that is pinned up over the entryway.

I know that this is a tradition that my husband would love to carry on in our own home when we actually stay home to celebrate Christmas.  And if we ever do celebrate at home, I might have to have a curtain with a letter to Santa pinned in the entry way instead of a bed sheet.

You can check out how Jessika created her curtain and see a tutorial on how to create your own HERE.


Dani said...

I LOVE it!! Very cute, and a Fabulous idea for Christmas! Might be a cute backdrop for pics w/ santa (who is really a dad at a party)

Lorie said...

That would be fun!!