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Free Stylin' [Guest Post]

Glad Press 'n Seal Stencils from Free Stylin'

Hey y'all!! My name is Beth! I'm pretty thrilled to be introducing my blog Free Stylin' to you on Be Different Act Normal!
Lorie, THANK YOU for the opportunity!

I began blogging last fall, and it's been so much fun! At Free Stylin', I show you how to "live a stylish life without the expensive price tag." Many of my posts include tips, tricks, and tutorials using things you may already have on hand.

For example, I recently blogged about turning "underutilized" lingerie into beautiful items for your bedroom.

In another post, I created a tray using fabric and a cookie sheet.

Our living room got a makeover this year for under $40:

And as much as I'd like a Silhouette machine, I found a way to make my own stencils using Glad Press 'n Seal:

Free Stylin' is also full of Field Trips to inspirational places, ideas, and recipes...including these THREE ingredient cookies!!

So please come by and take a look around!! I have both Master Bedroom and Office makeovers in the works - you won't want to miss them!
Thanks so much for checking out Free Stylin'!

Lorie - thank you so much for inviting me! Have a great vacation!