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Book Lamp DIY

Book Lamp from Chameleon Girls

What an honor to be Guest Posting at
Be Different Act Normal.
We are Chameleon Girls the Mom and Daughter craft fighting team.
Together we tackle sewing, cooking and crafts.
Today we are making a
House Warming Gift for a Librarian???

A Lamp made of Books

What do you'll need to make lamp?
Hard Cover Books
Drill & Bit large enough for lamp rod to fit
Lamp Kit
4 Wooden Feet
Wooden Base
 Epoxy Glue!!!
Mod Podge- Matte
Light Bulb
Paint- Brown and Black

1.  Glue the wooden feet to the base.  We used a wooden plack from Michaels.  We did not need to sand (insert smile).

2.  Paint the base and feet brown.  Mix black paint with water to make runny.  You do not need to make much.  Paint base & feet black wipe with damp cloth.  This will give you an old weathered look.

Yep that's the color we want.

3.  Stack books to see how many you will need.
4.  Measure center of base and books with ruler and pencil.

5. Drill base and each book.  You will want to grab an old telephone book for this, so you don't drill a hole into your table.

6.  Slid your thread rod through the hole.  Screw on the nuts and tighten against the washer.  For stability, it is best to start with the largest book.  Play around with the books to see that you like the combination.  Take a picture so you will remember what your stack of books look like.

7.  Glue the largest book to the base and then each book- big to little
BTW- do not use plain glue, use Epoxy Glue!!! 
We used Gorilla glue- bad, bad, bad!
It dries yellow and fluffy, not clear.

7.  Smash, Smash, Smash the books!!!! 
It will seem like the books are bubbled, but keep at it.

8.  Slide a washer and nuts on top of last book and screw down tightly. 
With all your weight you will need to squish the books as you tighten the screw. 
I do mean ALL OF YOUR WEIGHT!  I was on the books with my knees. 
Did I mention SMASH the books down?
9.  Now that the books are nice and tight- Mod Podge the book pages.
10. Follow the directions on the lamp kit.

Did I mention the room-mate works at a Coffee House?
We are going to re-do the lamp shade with....
You guessed right!
Stay tuned-
The Coffee Lamp Shade is for another day

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Kristin said...

What an amazing lamp! I'm a librarian, so of course I have to try this :)

Beth @ Free Stylin' said...

What a cool lamp! Thanks for the great tutorial. Love the marbled fingernails, too! Y'all make a fun pair!

Anonymous said...

Why do you need to glue the books down?