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Picture Frame Molding

Picture Frame Molding from Little Alters

I saw this fun project of Arlene's over at Better After.  She took these old frames:

And used the to create molding on her dining room walls:

I first fell in love with the idea of picture frame molding when I saw this image from BHG:

But I love the mismatched look of Arlene's frames and that she used different shaped frames (love that oval!)  She also has some fun mismatched chairs in her dining room.  You can see the whole thing over at Little Alters .


Unknown said...

That is such a cool look. I've never seen it before, but I love it. (ANd it looks easier than building the regular type of molding on the wall.)

J+S said...

Such a good idea and easy!


Delia said...

I absolutely love this. You always find the best ideas!