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Saturday Morning Cereal and Cartoons Birthday Party

Cereal Birthday Invitations from Mer Mag

Back in 2009 I fell in love with the idea of having friends over on Halloween morning for a spooktacular cereal buffet.  Everyone in their jammies eating Frog's Eyes, Bone Parts, and Bat Dropping.

And now I am in love with the idea of a Saturday morning cereal and cartoon birthday party like this one from Mer Mag.  (I saw over at A Few of my Favorite Things)   They actually referred to it as a cereal mixer because the kids got to make custom boxes of their own cereal mix.

And even the cake was made from cereal.  A giant rice krispie treat decorate with other colorful cereal.

If I wait until 2015, Halloween will be on a Saturday and I can combine both ideas for Ruby's 8th Birthday.

You can also see a girly version of the morning birthday party, a pink pajama breakfast, over at Inchmark Journal.


christy said...

So cute! Love the idea of the build your own cereal & the rice krispy cake, FANTASTIC!

Shareena said...

I love cereals! and those ideas are super cute !

Katrina said...

This idea is fantastic! Very original and not so much fuss :)