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Fuzzy Slipper Cookies

Pink Fuzzy Slipper Cookies from Hungry Happenings

When I saw these cute pink fuzzy slipper cookies I was really disappointed that they were covered in coconut.  I am not a fan.  But I was going to share them anyways, because I love you guys and I know that you would think pink fuzzy slipper cookies are a funny Mother's Day treat or a REALLY cute snack for a little girls sleepover or Spa party.  Who doesn't love pink fuzzy slippers.

And As I was reading the post I realized that it ISN'T coconut that give the slippers their fuzz!  It is actually grated candy melts!

The entire tutorial is brilliant!  You can check it out over at Hungry Happenings.

And of course, there is a version for Dad too.

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