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DIY Turtleneck to Summer T-Shirt

Summer Tee from Delia Creates

When my kids were smaller I would always stake out the end of season sales on clothes and stock up for the following year.  Theses days I never know what size they are going to be tomorrow let alone next winter, not to mention that 2/3 of my kids now have very strong opinions on what they wear.  None of these things make it possible to stock up on clothes a year in advance.

If you are in a similar situation, or just don't have the space or the desire to store MORE clothes in your house for a year, Delia Creates has a great tutorial to help you still take advantage of those bargain winter clothes that are still lingering on shelves.

She has a tutorial for turning turtlenecks into summer tees.

You can check out the tutorial and see her freezer paper stencil technique HERE.

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