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Upcoming Giveaways

I have another great $100 Visa gift card giveaway from BlogHer and Tropicana HERE.

And stay tuned for a giveaway from the lovely Lisa Leonard that I will be posting soon.

AND last but not least, I am headed to Louisville on May 15-17 to hang out with the lovely people at GE for the "GE Momsperience" and I get to take one of my readers with me!!  There will be more details to share soon!!


Katie said...

Take ME! Take ME! Take ME!

Carmen & Dave said...

i totally follow your blog and didn't even know it was you! That is hilarious!

Kyla Armstrong said...

Um, I totally think you should take your biggest fan. Just in case you forgot - that's me :)

Lorie said...

Carmen, I blame your brother and sister in law for not knowing it was me! ;D

Tara said...

Pretty sure I'm going to win. Here's to the power of positive thinking!