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Short Cut Flower Pillow

Pillow tutorial from Jami Nato

There are a lot of tutorial out there for flower pillows.  This one has quickly jumped to the top of my list for a few reasons.

1. She uses only what she had on hand and you probably do too! (the material is an old sweater)

2. She uses a glue gun. (perfect for those of us that really aren't handy with the needle)

3. Probably the most clever part...this pillow started out as a square pillow.  I love how she pinned back the coners to make a circle pillow!  (See, I told you she used what she had on hand!)

You need to check out the tutorial over at From the Nato's.


Kathie said...

That's my kind of project!

foreverdecorating said...


Heidi said...

this looks so Fabulous!!! thank you for sharing


Jami Nato said...

thanks for the props!!

Tara said...

I love love love this. I need about 10 more pillows in my house. Do you think ten of these would be overkill?}.


{I think you are as tired of reading my witty Kentucky comments as I am of writing them, so from here on out I will merely write Kentucky- OK, OK}!

Kyla Armstrong said...

Oooh - I love that pillow. We should sleep on them in KY.