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Rainbow Cupcake in a Jar

Rainbow Cake in a Jar from Brooke McLay

We have oohed and awed over cupcakes in a jar:

and fallen in love with cute rainbow cakes:

So when I saw this super cute rainbow cake in a jar from Babble I was actually surprised I hadn't seen the idea before.  It is definitely one of those ideas where you hit yourself in the forhead and wonder how you didn't think of that!

You can find out how to make a rainbow cake in a jar HERE.


Anonymous said...

I love the rainbow jars! I have seen these done where you assemble the ingredients after they are baked into the jar. But cooking it in the jar. That is true genius!

Unknown said...

This honestly made me drool :) I am going to have to look into making a rainbow cake in a jar. I tried making some regular cakes in jars when my husband was deployed but they did not turn out correctly. Maybe this time they will!! :)

By the way: Congrats! I have featured you as part of my Shine Through Sundays series... feel free to stop in & check out the post:

Have a great day!!

Jill @ said...

Very cool...thanks for posting it!

Jennifer said...

WOW! I'm loving this! SO bright and colorful! thanks so much for sharing! I might just have to feature this in the future if you don't mind.
Scissors & Spatulas

Tara said...

I'm so glad that I'm commenting on all of your posts so that I can win that trip to Kentucky because I had forgotten about these. I really want to make the cupcakes for my daughters birthday in those cute little jars.

Kyla Armstrong said...

Rainbows make me smile. So does KY with you.