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Our Royal Wedding Watching Party {The Kids Food}

Royal Wedding Lunch Bags 

There were actually more kids at the Royal Wedding Watching party than adults, and I wanted to make sure that they would have snacks that they liked.  You can also take that to mean I didn't want to share the lemon scones.

I came to this realization a little late in the party planning process.  Late as in while I was standing in the grocery store the day before the party.  So I stood in the snack aisle of the grocery store for about 10 minutes looking at my choices and trying to figure out what I could make work with the Royal Wedding theme.

This is what I came up with.

Wedding Rings {Powdered Donuts}

The Royal Crown of the Earl of Peanut Butter Sandwich {I love cookie cutters}

The Royal Ring Bears {Chocolate Teddy Grahams}

The Prince of Whales {Stauffer's Whales} 

Now that I am looking at those tags I really should have trimmed the ends into a guidon flag shape.

So let's pretend!

I think all of the kids enjoyed their snacks and had least until nap time hit.

A special thanks to Kristen for letting me use her pictures from the party!  I never picked my camera up once.  Actually...I sort of couldn't find it...but luckily it turned up this morning.


Jenny said...

Very cute!

Lorie said...

Thanks Jenny!

dubb and dawni said...

what a fun time and memory for the kids !!!

Amy S. said...

You are way too cute and creative. I feel privileged to be a part of such awesomeness. Lord Jackson was still playing with his bag today, using it for his snacks. :)
I am pretty sure if given the choice, he would pick you as his mom over me, lol!

Marty said...

Love it! I wish there were another royal wedding now so I could plan a party ;)

Love your blog, I tune in all the time! :D

Lorie said...

Amy, that would only last until he realized I only let my friends kids eat marshmallows! Not my own! ;D

Lorie said...

Marty, Harry could be getting married soon!! ;D