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Our Royal Wedding Watching Party {The Kids Food}

Royal Wedding Lunch Bags 

There were actually more kids at the Royal Wedding Watching party than adults, and I wanted to make sure that they would have snacks that they liked.  You can also take that to mean I didn't want to share the lemon scones.

I came to this realization a little late in the party planning process.  Late as in while I was standing in the grocery store the day before the party.  So I stood in the snack aisle of the grocery store for about 10 minutes looking at my choices and trying to figure out what I could make work with the Royal Wedding theme.

This is what I came up with.

Wedding Rings {Powdered Donuts}

The Royal Crown of the Earl of Peanut Butter Sandwich {I love cookie cutters}

The Royal Ring Bears {Chocolate Teddy Grahams}

The Prince of Whales {Stauffer's Whales} 

Now that I am looking at those tags I really should have trimmed the ends into a guidon flag shape.

So let's pretend!

I think all of the kids enjoyed their snacks and had least until nap time hit.

A special thanks to Kristen for letting me use her pictures from the party!  I never picked my camera up once.  Actually...I sort of couldn't find it...but luckily it turned up this morning.
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