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Easter Egg Cup Ideas

Egg Cup Flowers from BHG

These cute egg cup flowers  reminded me how much I love egg cups.  Of course, not for their intended purpose of holding soft boiled eggs.  But there are a ton of cute uses for them as holiday decorations and centerpieces.  BHG used cupcake liners to create paper flowers that they filled with treats (chocolate covered sunflower seeds).  And Good Housekeeping used pattern paper and dyed eggs to make their flowers.  (You can get the stencil for these flowers HERE.

Skip the paper and use real flowers to create an egg cup centerpiece.

Use empty egg shells to create Easter Egg Cup Votives.

Combine the flowers and the egg shells to create these egg shell vases.

And you can even make a giant version if you can get ahold of an Ostrich egg:

So if you don't have a set of egg cups, keep your eyes open for some because you can use them for more than just Easter.
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