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DIY Bath Paint for Kids

Bath Paint by Jill Dubien

Jill uses shaving cream and food coloring to make homemade bath paint for her kids.  My only concern is it looks good enough to eat.  We will have to talk about not putting it in our mouths before I let Ruby use it.

You can see her tutorial for making your own over at Meet the Dubiens.


Simply Jessabells said...

What a great idea? I'd be concerned about the food coloring dying my tile though? I know, I'm overthinking it. lol.


Nuha said...

how cute!!

Elle Belles Bows said...

This is a favorite that is still on our to do list! Thanks for reminding me! LOVE Meet the Dubiens! Great blog!


Tara said...

I NEED ideas for entertaining my terrific two year old. I will be trying this one. Or maybe I'll leave it as a suggestion for the sitter while we're in Kentucky.

Kyla Armstrong said...

I love that blog, but not as much as yours.