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Doodled Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs from Alisa Burke

Why the kids are making a mess dyeing eggs, I think I might try my hand at some of these doodled eggs.   Alisa Burke made them using a black sharpie.

And although I think the black and white is beautiful, I am a lover of Sharpies and have about three dozen different colors.  I will have quite a few fun Easter colors to choose from.

 You can see how she created these doodle eggs HERE.


Sailing with bare feet said...

Those are so cute !! I love it !

Stephanie R. said...

These are really cute- I love doodling so I may have to steal this idea!

Jenna @ SpitzerStories said...

I agree with Stephanie...I might have to steal this idea. Much like most of the other ideas I post on here. I am a thief!

mollie's mom said...

Love the black and white doodle - did some Christmas ornaments along this line with white ornaments and black Sharpies. I, too, am a Sharpie-aholic and have lots of great Spring-y colors I may have to try on some eggs.

liZ said...

You know when you see something that makes you want to stop everything and just go try it...that is how I feel about your project! Not only does it look cool but it looks FUN. Sharpie's are one of my favorite things....I can't wait to get started.

Tara said...

Wow that's artistic. I will show these to my girls, they will love them.


Kyla Armstrong said...

Wowie. That is a lot of work. Kind of like commenting on all the April posts.