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DIY Large Wall Art

Book Project from Almost Never Clever

Finding the right piece of art to hang on your wall can be both difficult and expensive.  Especially if you are looking for a substantial piece.  But there are a lot of great DIY ideas out there that will save you a ton of money and, if you find just the right idea for you, you will love.

There are two ideas that I have seen lately that I have loved and are super inexpensive.  Almost Never Clever used old books to create this piece that now sits above her couch.  I have a soft spot for old books anyways, but I really love the way she layered the books.

And you could add a lot of meaning by looking for copies of books that are important to you.  Or you could fill it with the cheapest paperbacks you can find at a garage sale.  Either way, it will still look amazing.

The second idea I saw over at CRAFT Magazine.  Sadly you probably won't be able to recreate this colorful masterpiece exactly because these San Francisco Fast Passes are a thing of the past, but you could replace them with any number of things.  I actually wish I hadn't thrown out all of the unused Disneyland Fast Passes we had in our memorabilia boxes.  They sort of remind me of paint swatches too but I always feel guilty using them for anything other than picking out paint.

You can check out this piece over at Muni Diaries.


Forever Young said...

These are great... I have been putting off a wall in my bedroom for too long. This has inspired me to give it another go and get creative.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing my project!

Andrea . Charcoal and Crayons said...

The various thicknesses of the books really adds some interest and dimension. Never would have thought of using them this way! Thanks for sharing.

Tara said...

This isn't really the style of my home, but I think they look great in a more contemporary setting.

I can tell you all about my house {because I'm certain you are dying to know} in K.

Kyla Armstrong said...

Very cool - let's talk about it in KY.