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Bunny Rolls

Bunny Cookies from juznie

A couple of days ago I saw this picture and fell in love.  At first I thought they were rolls, but I later figured out that they were cookies with a lemon filling.  Sadly, I have yet to find a recipe.  But I do think it would be fun to use this as a model for some bunny rolls.  Although, they really are almost too cute to eat.

But if you are in the market for some cute bunny rolls, here are a couple that I have found.  Taste of Home has a recipe for these Easter Bunny dinner rolls, although I am sure the bunny making method would work with your favorite roll recipe as well.

Gluesticks has a recipe for cinnamon bunny rolls.  I think this is the bunny we will try to make, but just in dinner roll form.  

Something like these bunny buns (which is exactly what I will be calling them at Easter dinner because it will make my 3-year-old giggle) from Rhodes.

What bunny buns will you be serving at your house?
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