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St. Patrick's Day Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches from Martha Stewart

A baby shower thrown by my in-laws usually contains cucumber sandwiches.  I shared the recipe for them before, but thought since they are the perfect, naturally green snack I would share it again before St. Patrick's Day gets here.  These will be on the menu at our house on the 17th.

What you need:

1 loaf cocktail bread
1 pkg of cream cheese (8oz each)
1/2 pkg dry Italian dressing
English cucumber
Lawry's seasoned salt

What you do:

Mix the cream cheese and 1/2 pkg of Italian dressing. (This is easier to do if the cream cheese is room temperature). 

Spread the mix on the bread and put a slice of cucumber on top. (this is where you can get all crazy with the cute ideas from Martha pictured above!  But make sure to use English cucumbers!)

Sprinkle with Lawrys.



Amie said...

I have to admit I've never had one...cukes aren't my favorite. Have you tasted them? Are they any good?

Unknown said...

LOVE this :) thanks for sharing...this might end up on a round up in the future!

Holiday Snob said...

Thanks for the recipe! I featured this on my blog:

Everyday Art said...

Cute! I'm having a tea party this weekend and was just trying to decide how to present my cucumber sammies. :) Thanks for the picture.