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Photograph Pots

Face Pots from Good!Creative

I saw this cute idea for photograph pots from a Russian marketing firm over on OhDeeDoh and I think that it would be a really fun way to grow herbs this year.

If anyone knows where to get some transparent plastic posts, let me know.  Otherwise I might have to start saving glass jars to try to recreate my own, sort of a mix between the pots and these glass jar picture frames:

Even if you didn't want to go for the crazy hair look, it is an interesting way to display photographs.


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I'm giggling right out loud! I need to do this!

anne said...

I love it! Now I'll be obsessed with it until I can make it happen. :0)

Melia said...

I LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing!

Leanne said...

Those are amazing! Thanks for a great idea!

Home Confetti said...

You can use these from Oriental Trading--just replace the insert.
Cute idea!

RM, Home Confetti

Unknown said...

That might be fun to try out with the kids!!! Kinda like Chia pets of them selves!!! To be cost effective, since it adds up with 5 kids, I think I'll try with those dispossible clear plastic cups and grass seeds.

Lorie said...

RoseMarie, thank you so much for the link! Those would be perfect! A