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Spring Pedestal Birdhouses

Spring Birdhouses from Simply Designing

When Ruby (who is three) saw these bird houses she said "I want to get a bird and get those houses so my bird can live in those houses."

And the birdhouses are so cute that for a minute I almost considered getting her a bird.

You can see how Ashley made these cute Spring decorations over at Simply Designing.


Boden said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Such a great idea and so beautifully done! I will SO be doing my own version of this! Popped by from

Jori said...

Wow!!! I adore this idea!! So cute!

Amelia Marie said...

Ohh my'lanta! These are adorable. I'm going to have to try and create one! :)

Unknown said...

THANK YOU for the feature!!!


Tara said...

I could always use another birdhouse around here.