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Shamrock Clips

Clover Clips from Ten Cow Chick

Here is another fun and easy ribbon + hot glue + clip craft.  This one is from Mariesa of Ten Cow Chick and is perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

It makes me sad that Lou is getting to the age where she won't want to wear cute shamrock clips in her hair.  I think I might be safe this year, but I won't know for sure until the day comes.

Ms. Ruby, on the other hand, is at the perfect age to dress up in all things shamrock, but clips never last long in hear hair.  She is not a big fan.  I try to convince her that big girls wear hair clips she tells me that she is a little girl.  Then I tell her that she is a big girl and she responds by informing me that big girls don't have to ride in car seats.

Check mate.

She is too smart for her own good.


B E C K Y said...

Super Cute!


Ten Cow said...

Thanks soo much for featuring my hair bows1 I'm sure they'd stay in your little girls hair if you hot glue them in :-) (justkidding) Thanks again! I love your blog!

Mom24boys said...

Love these. I may have to make some for my nieces! Thanks. I am sharing this on my blog...

Katie said...

Ruby IS too smart for her own good! Hilarious.
And I am LOVING these clips! I thought I knew all things hairbow, but this idea is totally news to me! I'm going to have my girls pass them out to their friends on Saint Patrick's. Thanks for passing it along!