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Plywood Rug Tutorial

Plywood Rug from Sugar Bee Craft Edition

Mandy needed something under her craft room rolling chairs so they wouldn't get stuck on the carpet, but instead of plunking down upwards of $60 for the boring clear plastic mats, she made a 'rug' out of plywood.

It is 100 times cuter and 1/3 of the cost!  Even if you don't have need of a plywood rug, this is a great way to make an inexpensive piece of large art.

You can check out the full tutorial over at Sugar Bee Craft Edition.


CandaceAshley said...

That is actually gorgeous in this space! I would never had thought to do this, what a neat idea!

Tara said...

I would never have thought of this either.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea <3