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Moss Garland

Moss Garland from Bliss Bloom Blog

I have seen plenty of versions of moss wreaths this Spring, but this Easter garland from Bliss Bloom Blog is the first moss garland I have seen.

I am not sure the phrase moss garland is pretty enough to describe it.

Maybe I should call it a miniature moss monogram garland.  No matter what you call it, if you want one of your own you can see how to make it HERE.


Christina said...

Super cute!

Bliss Bloom Blog said...

Thanks for featuring my garland, what a surprise! I had a hard time trying to think of a "nice" sounding descriptive phrase.... something about the word "moss" just doesn't sound very pretty. LOL! I like your version much better :)

Tara said...

That moss garland is unbelievably cute.