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Easter Bunny Cakes on a Stick

Easter Bunny Cakes on a Stick from Pizzazzerie

These cute Easter treats are a combination of cake, frosting and marshmallows that are made all the more adorable with the addition of some cute straws and ribbon.

You can make them ahead of time or let the kids assemble their own as a fun Easter activity.  Check out the how to over at Pizzazzerie.


barb said...

Lorie, where are the directions to make those cute bunny cakes? When I click on the link it brings me back to your page.

Courtney @ Pizzazzerie said...

Thanks for sharing Lorie!
barb - it's over here -

barb said...

Thanks Courtney!

Lorie said...

Hmmm...the link works for me. Is anyone else having a problem with it?