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DIY Playing Card Tins

Playing Card Tins form My Mind - My Life

If any of you are Earl Grey Tea drinkers and have empty tins, I might have to bribe you to send me some.

We love card games at our house.  I told you about some of the card games we love.  Well our love has only grown and we now have a couple of dozen card games.  All of which come in flimsy paper boxes that don't last long with all the little hands touching them.

Lizzy used these tins to hold her card games (the same games that we love):

I may have to find myself a tea drinker and buy them some tea...and keep the tins! 


Anonymous said...

How is it made? Is the box just cut and pasted on?

This is a neat idea, seems transferable to games like Settlers of Catan that come in enormous boxes filled with plastic dividers and loads of air/wasted space.

Amie said...

This is SUCH a good idea! Our cards are always all over the place!

Unknown said...

I used Mod Podge. See the full post at

Shana said...

If you don't drink tea, I wonder if Altoids cans are the right size?