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Valentine's Day Pizza

We traditionally have a big family dinner for Valentine's Day.  Since it falls on a Monday this year, I think we may move the party to the weekend, but I will still want to do something fun (but low key) on Monday.  I am thinking a heart pizza might be in order:

I know a couple of pizza places around here have sold heart shaped pizzas in the past.  We bought one from Papa Murphy's last year and I believe that Papa John's sells them too.  But if you want to make one of your own, Flying High Pizza has a tutorial on how to make a heart shaped pizza.

Or you can take a small heart shaped cookie cutter to a package of pepperoni like these from One Charming Party and have a very cute alternative:

Do you have special plans for a family Valentine's Day dinner?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Lorie, I think I just screamed out loud at the adorable heart shaped pepperoni!!! HOW stinking cute is THAT???? You're the best for sharing all these adorable Valentine ideas!!! Keep up the awesome job!!!

Stuff by Ash said...

We love pancakes for dinner so I think I'll make this again:

Tami said...

Since my husband and I got married 23 years ago I have made a heart shaped meatloaf for Vday. Garlic mashed red potatoes, green bean bundles of luv, heart shaped jello salad and cherry chip cake for dessert. It's his favorite.
Three sons later they have loved this night with us. Now we have just one teen at home and we invite his girlfriend and a single from our church.

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

i want to know what you do for your big dinner!

Margaret said...

I adore the heart-shaped pizza! Our valentine's thing is that my husband attempts to make me home made pizza, since I make it every week- I think might have to surprise him by sneakily shaping the pepperoni!

So cute. I've got some more ideas that I'll be sharing for my Valentine's Crafternoon Tea over at my blog at