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Valentine S'mores

Valentine S'more Pops from In Between Laundry

I love s'mores and I love treats on a stick, I love heart shaped treats, and I love these valentine s'more pops from In Between Laundry.

You can also get this cute printable from Trillustrations:

And attach them to a bag with heart shaped graham crackers:

image from Cupcake Kid

You can make homemade graham crackers or cut square graham crackers with a heart shaped cookie cutter (this will probably end up taking more time than baking some of your own).

Heart shaped marshmallows:

and heart shaped chocolates:

(Both of which you can also find at the grocery store right now!  Jet Puff and Reese's make some good one!)

Another option is to make s'more brownies and then cut them out with heart shaped cookie cutters too.

I heart s'mores!


tinahead81 said...

so funny...i made heart s'mores last week! YUM!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Those look SO good!

Michelle said...


nest of posies said...


i need on right now.

miss you, sweet girl!


Erin @ In Between Laundry said...

Thanks for featuring my s'mores! (punching the graham crackers with a cookie cutter was REALLY fast).

Katrina said...

yummo! Please sign me up.

Beth said...

I love that YOU love smores as much as I do. I wonder how many smores entries you have on your blog? :) YUM!